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L82 Construction Limited was incorporated in 1982 and has consistently grown in its marketplace through the strength of its employees and attention to good workmanship.

This reputation throughout the construction/engineering community has allowed L82 to be involved in a wide range of construction activities throughout the Greater London Area, as well as many surrounding communities such as St. Thomas, Ingersoll, Kitchener, Watford, Township of london, Municipality of Central Elgin and Middlesex Centre to name a few.

L82 Construction, during our peak work season employs over 70 people and has an extensive equipment list which includes over 30 pieces of heavy equipment. L82 uses up-to-date computer accounting and job costing software and Paydirt earth quantity program.

L82 Construction has a most comprehensive Health and Safety Program and maintains a good record with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). L82 consistently strives to ensure compliance with all new regulations to protect it's most valuable resource... it's employee's.

Our project teams include experienced supervisor personnel, and project managers as well as knowledgeable labourers/operators to complete the projects in an efficient manner while still maintaining a high level of workmanship.


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